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Summary of the Steps to the Buying Process

  1. I will help you navigate the search process and find your ideal home.

  2. I will guide you through the mortgage prequalification & coordinate with your mortgage company through the financial steps of purchasing your home.

  3. I will introduce you to my network of partners & support services.

  4. I will negotiate & advise you throughout the purchase contract process.


I provide direct personal access to the MLS and a comprehensive approach in assisting you to identify the right home and neighborhood.  Search engines like Trulia and Zillow purchase data from 3rd party companies and/or many local MLS'. These search engines can have a high margin of error.  They do not have the knowledge of the area or neighborhood you are considering. They do not know the local culture.  I am an expert and have extensive knowledge of the area.

Buying Your Home

I follow a step by step process. I will assist you to Get Informed and Get the Home of Your Dreams!

  1. ​​I start by learning your needs and the qualities you are looking for in a home.

  2. I will empower you with powerful market data & intelligence.

  3. I put my knowledge, experience, company & network to work for you.

  4. I deploy marketing, technoloy & tools for you.


Contact me and I will discuss with you any of the methods I use to provide a smooth transaction.​

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